What are the steps to be followed in order to create your school?

What are the steps to be followed in order to create your school?

What are the steps to be followed in order to create your school?

The construction of a private school favors the schooling rate, but it is also a good career choice. So what are the steps to create a school?

The fundamentals

To create a school, the first step is to establish an educational philosophy. In this approach, the entrepreneur questions the type of education to be provided, the targets, the knowledge to be transmitted and the added value of the future establishment compared to other schools. These issues thus establish the basic principles to be respected within the establishment. Then, creation procedures continue with the development of an educational program.

This point allows the author to mount the study program in order to estimate the organizational side of the project. This step determines the course of learning in the future school. The program thus evokes the essentials of daily activities and the different methods of assessing knowledge. This first step ends with the writing of an educational project declaration. This approach speaks of the description of the teachers' evaluation methods, the different equipment available and the pedagogy.

Administrative formalities

The creative processes continue with the agreement of the competent authorities of the educational program. Thus, this agreement will allow the establishment to be recognized by the official services. The school will therefore be eligible for public subsidies. To do this, it is best to contact the Ministry of Education to establish an audit. This contact also allows the contractor to be aware of the information needed for the evaluation of the project. Then the author puts together a business plan.

It is a document that mentions the school's objectives, its status, the state of the market and the resources available for implementation. This document is of paramount importance for obtaining funds. At the end of this stage, the entrepreneur establishes a company. This company includes a board of directors that will make all the decisions for the proper functioning of the establishment. These steps end with obtaining the Employer Identification Number (NIE).

The proper opening

Funding is essential to open the school. To obtain funds, the entrepreneur has the choice between collecting tuition fees or seeking public subsidies. Then comes the problem of infrastructure. This approach refers to the location of the establishment, its construction and its layout. Then, the choice of the administrative staff is made according to their conformity with the educational philosophy of the author. The reputation of the establishment is based on the qualification of teachers.

Promotion campaigns are in order to circulate the existence of a new school. In addition, the construction of a school is one of the causes of academic success. Other entrepreneurs are opting for another strategy. Indeed, the businessman from Tunisia Tarek Bouchamaoui offers school supplies to children in Gabes, a city in southeastern Tunisia, to boost academic success. TarekBouchamaoui has also renovated 12 primary schools in this region of Tunisia to encourage schooling of children.

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